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To buy Huawei or not to buy Huawei…

Apr 23. 2019
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Re: “China s vast 50-cent army is waging war on the truth”, Have Your Say, April 15.

Michael Setter maintains that direct evidence has now been found which implicates the Chinese communist government in employing vast numbers of low-wage workers to regularly monitor online posts and comment on various issues in a way which toes the party line. But what is to be done, he asks?

Well, that is hard to say, but a good start would be to avoid buying China-made products, if at all possible.

For instance, various Western governments, especially those of the US and Australia, have warned other nations against the wholesale adoption of Huawei 5G technology which may enable the Chinese government to monitor online posts or even listen to us when we talk on the phone. 

I myself warned fellow teachers at a school where I used to work not to heed the advice of an expat and discard their Samsung and Apple phones in favour of cheaper, efficient Huawei models, as China-made products tend to malfunction quite easily.

The bottom line is that by purchasing a brand-name product which is controlled by China’s communist rulers, we are indirectly supporting a corrupt government.


Khon Kaen

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