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Marx’s communism a true blueprint of today’s society

May 10. 2019
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Re: “Big Brother is here – a global Orwellian tyranny threatens us”, Have Your Say, May 10.

Global tyranny has been with us since Karl Marx dreamed up his simplistic academic ideology that came to be known as communism. His ideas became a blueprint for megalomaniacs as we see in today’s self-destructively altruistic multicultural “society”.

First promise the population equal rights and that all services will be provided free. That the state government will take care of everything. The unaware and unthinking suckle that like babies at a mother’s breast.

But nothing is free and the price paid is individual liberty. Once established, a total dependency is created and that really means total control by the government over every single person’s life. It becomes a megalomaniac’s black hole of no return. Individual and national sovereignty vanish and then dystopia has arrived.

Nothing will change until the current megalomaniacs are identified and dealt with. Zuckerberg and Google are the executive class, following orders from above. This middle-management class are much the same as the British parliament acting in unison with the European Union against the interests of the British and European people and the anti-American, anti-Trump Democrats in the US Congress acting against the best interests of the American people. Who are the faceless puppeteers pulling the strings? Well, they’re the same family that Marx would have known.

With respect, I must strongly disagree with one statement made by the writer. There is no such thing as fascism of the right. It is a complete misconception perpetrated by the left. Hitler’s Nazis were the German Socialist Party. Right-wing conservative libertarians are diametrically opposed to any form of collectivism. As the rightwing Margaret Thatcher asserted: “There is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families.” 

JC Wilcox

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