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Another LGBT victory – enforced sex change of 3-year-old declared legal

May 15. 2019
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Just when we thought we’d heard it all, a fresh LGBT atrocity has surfaced in the UK media which brings tears to the eyes.

The parents of a boy aged four sent him to school dressed as a girl, claiming that he was “transitioning”. I repeat – the boy was just four years old, and had been dressed as a girl since he was three. The same parents supported their older boy, aged seven now 13, in changing sex, even going so far as to change his name by deed poll and to obtain a new passport declaring him female. Then – would you believe it? – the child became suicidal. A third child in their care (they have five altogether) is said to have “gender identity issues”. 

To their credit, the Lancashire authorities attempted to remove the children but the case foundered at the High Court last week where Mr Justice Williams, having heard “compelling” evidence from “gender expert” Vickie Pasterski, declared that it was “overwhelmingly obvious that neither [of the children] have suffered or are at risk of suffering significant emotional harm arising from their complete social transition to females occurring at a very young age.” 

Overwhelmingly obvious? Children aged three and seven? One now suicidal and a third with gender identity issues? Just two words sum up this case: “child” and “abuse”. These poor kids have had their lives ruined by LGBT tyrants, a politicised psychologist and a shameful failure of justice. Judging by the online outcry, one can understand why the identities of the parents have been kept secret. 

Nigel Pike 

Phang Nga 

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