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Britain not so ‘great’ anymore

May 17. 2019
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Three years ago Britain flexed its muscles of democracy inviting people to take part in the greatest vote in its history.

It displayed to the world just how fundamental democracy was to its existence. By way of a referendum, 35 million cast their votes to decide the country’s future – to remain in or leave the European Union. 

A majority of 1.4 million voted to leave. The democratic result was passed into law stating the exit would happen at 11pm on March 29, 2019. It is now May 17 and the UK remains under the control of the EU. 

Queen Elizabeth is both head of state and church. Freedom of speech is such in the UK that the queen’s sovereignty and the religion she heads can be openly questioned and even criticised. 

Yet the laws of the land prohibit criticism of ideology of Islam. Not only does questioning Islam result in incarceration but persecution of those contrived to be found guilty. One such case has been tried in court. The “criminal”, Tommy Robinson, will be retried on July 4 for allegedly making remarks that “hurt the feelings” of a Muslim gang-rapist outside a previous court hearing. The case was previously dismissed.

The name “Britain” used to be synonymous with sovereignty and democracy. It was the home of justice in the name of the monarchy.

JC Wilcox

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