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Facebook – the Antichrist stalks the European elections

May 19. 2019
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Re: “Will trolls or truth win in the European Parliament elections?” DW newsfeed, The Nation, May 16.

Deutsche Welle is the German equivalent of the BBC, Britain’s alt-left state propaganda outlet, and one must therefore question what DW means by “truth”. Over the last two weeks, in the critical lead-up to this week’s European Union elections, Facebook shut down 23 Italian pages with 2.44 million followers, most of which support the ruling coalition parties that are expected to come out on top. The newspaper La Republicca reports that this is only the “tip of the iceberg” – we learn that the tech giant has opened a “war room” in Dublin comprising 500 technicians competent in 14 languages, whose job it is to “work on the elections”, or in the Doublespeak of a Facebook spokesman: “We are committed to protecting the integrity of the EU elections and around the world.” Oh yes? Who asked you? Who the hell do you think you are?

Facebook has metastasised from neutral social media platform, to mass advertiser, to personal data thief, to tax evader, to publisher, to global censor, and now democracy abolitionist. Too big to fail, too big to jail, too arrogant to pay tax, Facebook is spinning out of control. Watch out, George Soros, Xi Jinping, Jean-Claude Juncker – you’ve got competition from Facebook as the biggest threat to humanity.

Perhaps Have Your Say’s religious commentators can confirm for me that Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation is unfolding before our eyes – a single world government ruled by the False Prophet and the Antichrist. We are already familiar with the former – a 7th-century warmongering child abuser whose legacy lives on, big-time. We can now identify the latter – it’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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