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Be warned! Don’t abuse the child abusers

May 20. 2019
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Re: “A few facts to remedy the anti-Islam fever”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Travel advisory: Are you visiting UK? If so, be sure not to hurt the feelings of our sensitive Muslim child abusers – the poor rapey diddumses are now a protected species under British Law.

I write to correct Robin Grant’s “correction” to JC Wilcox’s letter of May 18-19 regarding Tommy Robinson, the anti-rape gang campaigner and prospective member of European Parliament. Robinson’s original conviction and summary imprisonment for filming convicted Muslim gang-rapists outside a court was subsequently quashed in the Appeal Court due to a miscarriage of justice on nine counts. Later, one of the rapists tested the faulty allegation that the earlier rape case had been prejudiced, but this was dismissed by a high court judge who stated unequivocally that the earlier case had NOT been prejudiced by Robinson’s action.

Bruised 2-0 but not beaten, the UK’s attorney-general launched a new charge last week of “causing anxiety” to the convicted rapists, exactly as reported by JC, and the case will be heard on July 4. Those who read beyond the mainstream media will know this, and anyone who still upholds the antiquated notion that all are equal under UK law should read Robinson’s book, “Enemy of the State”.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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