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Moralising about abortion only creates more suffering  

May 21. 2019
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Re: “Human irresponsibility a threat to all life”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

JC Wilcox’s disgusting implication that all women who get abortions were “bed-hopping” is typical of the sexist woman-hating attitude of “pro-life” men.

What about women who were raped or victims of incest? What about married women who get abortions? 

Where is this concern for life when a 16-year-old rape victim dies as the result of a back-alley abortion in countries where abortion is illegal?

Where is Wilcox’s concern for life when he praises Donald Trump, who cut off funding for family planning programmes in America and throughout the world, which means there will be far more abortions?

There are only two ways to virtually end abortion. Either see to it that all sexually active people are properly informed and equipped to practise birth control, or else force everyone to stop having sex. I’ll let the readers decide which suggestion is more practical.

Finally it is a disgusting, vicious lie for Mr Wilcox to state that the US Democratic Party promotes infanticide. What’s the matter, Sir: can’t you ever back up a single thing you say with facts? Such garbage should not be printed even in the form of a letter.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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