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Nazis could have saved the UK

May 22. 2019
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Seventy-nine years ago the very thought of an alien power landing on the shores of Great Britain aroused the country into a patriotic aerial frenzy.

Winston Churchill’s oratory inspired a nation of pitchfork warriors to repulse the pending invasion by the totalitarian fascists of the German Socialist Party. The nation stood united in defence of its sovereignty, its democracy.

Having signed away its sovereignty to the European Union in 1973 Great Britain became borderless, leaderless and prone to invasion. The continent of Europe suffered its greatest invasion since Genghis Khan, without a weapon being raised. Driven by an ideology, they massed in Europe by the thousands and millions. They crossed the English Channel stowed away in freight trucks. Within a decade they set up their own law courts and mosques, while the indigenous population subjugated itself as if indoctrinated.

In fact it was not long before democracy became a vassal by law. Criticism of the invading ideology became a criminal offence, closely supervised and enforced by the police. In 2019 that is how things are in the Britain that has lost its Great. Had the Nazis crossed the channel in 1940 it would have proved a blessing.

JC Wilcox

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