Saturday, October 19, 2019

Impotence and hysteria led to nostalgic fantasy of a Nazi Britain  

May 23. 2019
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Re: “Nazis could have saved the UK”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

I swear by all that I hold dear that someone has spiked my morning coffee, or maybe the cereal I usually eat first thing was laced with some type of hallucinogenic. I am sure that I read a sentence this morning (Thursday) in this forum saying that, and I quote: “Had the Nazis crossed the channel in 1940 it would [not could] have proved [not “possibly established to be”] a blessing.” I am going to re-visit this to make sure that it is what I actually read. Assuming I read correctly the first time, perhaps the writer in question prefers concentration camps, Zyklon-B, the GeheimeStaats Politzei, stiff-arm salutes, and death squads, to what the UK has now?

Good freakin’ grief, JC, you’re always long on words but absolutely supine when it actually comes to actually doing anything in defence of your beliefs.

Dr Frank


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