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Humans are not designed physically to be carnivores

May 31. 2019
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Re: “Vegans fight a losing battle against bloody evolution”, Have Your Say, May 30.

The reason I have contempt for people such as Dr Frank is because, no matter how many times I answer his arguments, he keeps repeating them over and over again.

Again he justifies the atrocities that are committed against farm animals by noting that other animals eat animals. How many times must I point out that most animals, including the lambs he gloats about eating, are vegetarians?

But what about animals who actually do eat animals? Aside from the fact that they are designed differently from us (a tiger, for example, doesn’t have a large intestine as humans do, which makes it easier to digest meat) we seem to be the only species that knows how to make moral judgements. Only someone with Dr Frank’s mentality would expect a cat to feel the same empathy for a mouse that any decent and civilised human being would feel for a defenceless lamb.

Eric Bahrt

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