Friday, July 19, 2019

Relentless moralising is a poor argument against killing for meat 

Jun 02. 2019
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Re: “Humans are not designed physically to be carnivores”, Letters, June 1-2.

One thing is predictable about this column. When you throw in a bit of chum, some fussy little Charles Pooter will rise to take the bait.

The ever-combative Eric Bahrt, who laughably holds me in contempt, just does not get it no matter how many times I speak truth to bovine stupidity. No matter how many times I answer his arguments, he keeps repeating them over and over again. Sound familiar, Eric? Change the record, me old China; you and your busybody ilk have stretched the yawn-factor to breaking point.

Now, off to the freezer I go; time to get those juicy lamb chops ready to fill up my meat-friendly stomach.

Dr Frank

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