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‘Prostitution’ an ugly word for such a valuable social service 

Jun 04. 2019
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Re: “Want to clean up the police force? Decriminalise prostitution,” Have Your Say, June 4.

I wish to question the common use of the word “prostitute” to designate a lady who exchanges sexual services for money. It is an ugly word with highly pejorative connotations, and it denigrates, maligns and humiliates every lady to whom it is applied. There are uglier words – a “w” word (ending in “e”), an “s” word (ending in “t”), and an “h” word (ending in “er”) immediately spring to mind – but all of them require a politer alternative. 

I favour the term “interpersonal entrepreneur” to designate the lady, and “interpersonal entrepreneurship” to signify her profession. Such neologisms will enhance the prestige and soothe the hurt feelings of a segment of our population that has always suffered from low prestige and unjust discrimination.

We also need a polite term for the knights of the pelvic region who patronise them.

Yours for more elegant language,

Ye Olde Pedant 

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