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Court-ordered child abuse – the LGBT ratchet goes up a notch

Jun 04. 2019
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If there are any lingering doubts that the formerly independent UK judiciary has not been subsumed by the country’s totalitarian state, particularly after the serial miscarriages of justice suffered by Tommy Robinson and other conservative commentators, such doubts can finally be set aside.

Last week the High Court of London banned escalating Muslim protests against enforced LGBT indoctrination of children, which it referred to in Marxist-speak as “teaching of equalities”, at Anderton Park Primary School, Birmingham. This is a textbook example of why integration of Muslim migrants into LGBT-obsessed Western society is a non-starter – Allah won’t permit it and his word is final. Already eggs are being thrown, and as lead protester Shakeel Afsar says, “This is not the end but a beginning.”

I suggest the pig-headed school principal Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, and the fascist city council officials who brought the case to court, either wise up fast and start listening to their stakeholders, or issue bullet-proof vests to their staff. This will not end well – it never does. How much more evidence do we need from Western Europe that global liberal-Marxist ideology and Islam are incompatible, and incapable of occupying the same space without friction? On this issue, where children are involved, I am on the side of the Muslims.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga 

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