Tuesday, October 22, 2019

US may be in decline, but China has been a living hell for decades

Jun 06. 2019
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Re: “Trump running out of ammo as trade war rages”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Although I support freedom of expression, when letters submitted by the local wumao, (Chinese internet trolls, also known as the 50-cent party in reference to their fee paid by the Chinese Communist Party), are published it adds one more straw in support of Beelzebub’s back. 

As pointed out by Dr Frank, the CCP is the No 1 institutional murderer in human history while also being, by a large margin, the premier human-rights violater on the planet since its inception. 

And let us understand well that despite being inundated by propaganda to the contrary, this is an ongoing pogrom – the murders and all the rest have not stopped. There has been no change in the CCP’s conscience whatsoever, since it simply does not exist, thereby allowing its membership to embrace psychopathy to their demonic heartless content. 

If America is in decline, as suggested by certain benighted contributors here, it still has a very long way to fall before it reaches the living hell that is China. 

Michael Setter


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