Friday, July 19, 2019

Ask the people of Tibet, HK and Xinjiang about ‘wonderful new China’

Jun 10. 2019
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Re: “China was hell for decades – but it’s a living paradise now!”, Have Your Say, yesterday. 

The idea that “ Christian children in China have never been molested by the clergy appointed by the Beijing government” is perhaps just testament to the terrific job of silencing people done by the Chinese ruling party, rather than the whole truth. And yes, we see technical progress in plenty but are all Chinese benefiting from this great march in technology? Are the original inhabitants of Tibet and Xinjiang enjoying themselves and joining those numbers of contented tourists? 

Considering the pictures we still see of Chinese citizens enduring awful air pollution produced by its magnificent industrial output, I am not so sure of some people’s “facts”. 

Perhaps the people of Hong Kong should be asked about the wonders of life in China. They seem to be having a few doubts despite sharing their direct neighbours’ ethnicity. 

Maybe a little moderation is in order when extolling the virtues of a government that is more renowned for its silencing than its openness.


A demonstrator makes her feelings clear 

during Saturday’s protest march by hundreds of thousands  of people in Hong Kong. Critics of the extradition bill have expressed concern over unfair trials and a lack of human rights protection in mainland China. 


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