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Don’t sack your soi dog!

Jun 10. 2019
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Re: “Nation cartoonist Stephff is a national treasure – keep him!”, Have Your Say, June 10.

My favourite Stephff character is the soi dog. On Saturday, we were treated to nine of these adorable creatures with their bulging cross-eyes, skin patches and severed tails lashed on with string. Made my day!

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

I don’t think that it is a smart move to stop publishing your daily cartoon from Stephff. Year after year we are moving towards a society with less text and more images. If you compare magazines and books from 20 years ago to today’s publications, you clearly see that people are reading less and less. Soon we will end up with pictures, a title, and no more text. 

Stephff has an unrivalled ability to depict the news, a situation, and a whole society with a cartoon and very few words. This is an asset you should not discard.

Jean-Jacques Braun

Stephff joined the editorial staff of The Nation at roughly the same time that I moved to Thailand. His hilarious, delicately observed satirical slices of Thai public life have been an essential feature of my day for almost 15 years. Stephff is the reason why I have always reached for The Nation over the Bangkok Post at the newsstand. He is also the reason why my employers in Thailand have always had a subscription to The Nation, at my behest.

Colm Brosnan


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