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Please, please, please – don’t close the Ministry of Farang Affairs

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I join my voice to the chorus imploring that you keep Stephff’s cartoons as part of your package. 



You have a rare talent here, arguably God’s gift to satire in Thailand and beyond, since his spoofs are not limited to the Kingdom. 
After 39 years in Thailand, and as a long-time subscriber to The Nation, I can claim that the Ministry of Farang Affairs is one of the few things I look forward to every morning. It is healthy to start the day off with a good laugh. 
Stephff is a professional cartoonist in that he mocks all governments and all nations. He does not take sides. His job is to ridicule, not to comfort those in power. His ridiculing of farang life in Thailand is especially appreciated. 
To be deprived of his humour every day (and that’s a lot of work on his part) would detract from the daily pleasure of living in Thailand.
Peter Janssen

Published : June 11, 2019