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Secret of great leadership? Trump has it and so did Lee Kuan Yew  

Jun 16. 2019
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Re: “No amount of adulation will make him ‘greatest’”, Letters, June 15-16.

One of my heroes is Lee Kuan Yew. Singapore is testament to his common-sense leadership, much as the changing United States is testament to the common-sense leadership of Donald J Trump. Lee instructed his staff to communicate in easily intelligible language and not try to impress with big words. He saw semantic pomposity as trying to cover up a lack of intellect. Like Trump he was interested only in receiving clearly expressed non-distorted facts, free of lies and embellishments clouded by thesaurus-sourced semantics.

The writer here would have been discarded by Lee on all counts. President Trump did not say he would “accept dirt” from a foreign source. He said he would listen to it and, if it were bad, he would refer it to the FBI.

The Republican Party (GOP) is not Trump’s party. Like the Democrats it is part of the Washington establishment from which the US has suffered for decades. To release America from the negative stranglehold of this Globalist Illuminati, it took an unselfish man of vision and courage: a Lincoln-like patriot. In a way Trump’s job was made easier by the previous fraudulent, corrupt administration. He simply had to eradicate the anti-US legacy he inherited while communicating the truth in colloquial language to common-sense, down-to-earth Americans.

Trump is a successful leader, as was Lee, because they both did their homework. They could see the wood for trees and called a spade a spade, not a darned shovel.

JC Wilcox

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