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A proposal for restoring male pride after the cruellest cut

Jun 20. 2019
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Re: “Veil drawn back to reveal anatomical knowledge”, Have Your Say, and “Thousands of young boys howl as annual ‘circumcision season’ arrives in Philippines”, Aseanplus, June 20.

I feel compelled to break my long silence, which was self-imposed in response to Khon Kaen Paul’s cruel criticism some time ago. But the need is urgent, for the topic is vital to the survival of civilisation as we know it.

“Fake” phenomena have been much in the news nowadays. We have fake news, fake photos, fake videos, even fake energy cards. Would it not be possible for modern technology to devise fake prepuces, which could be surgically attached to the penises of preputially deprived victims of circumcision like Ye Olde Pedant and thus restore their shattered self-esteem?

I envision artificial prepuces made of synthetic flesh. They could be dyed a variety of colours, and even embossed with fashionable designer patterns like the British and American flags. Major corporations could buy space on them to advertise their products. Such a tasteful innovation might enhance, or even stimulate, the ardour of relevant females. I can well imagine the delight of a female Trump supporter to find the motto “Make America Great Again” emblazoned on her partner’s prepuce.

Just a thought.

Preputially endowed and proud of it,

Horace Beasley 

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