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Communism was in England’s backyard

Jun 21. 2019
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I have to take issue with Vint Chavala’s one-dimensional analysis.

First, we must study why communism exists. Check out Karl Marx carefully. As for Lenin sanctioning the execution of the Romanovs and by extension others, the people who put them to death did not do so lightly. Look at the way they too were treated. 

Vint Chavala impresses his naive view that apparently the people of England have “never felt any such fear” because the communists were “hundreds of kilometres away”. 

This is a ridiculous statement. As a serving officer in the British army, I was acutely conscious of how close the Warsaw Pact armies were to western Europe, and that they could have been at the English Channel within 72 hours of rampaging across Europe. Vint Chavala apparently wasn’t in the UK during the Cold War. Otherwise he wouldn’t ejaculate such fatuous comments. 

Moreover, the English people had to live with the possibility of incoming nuclear missiles from eastern Europe, something Thailand never feared from Cambodia. 

So the arguments about contiguous borders and associated strike factors are meaningless.

Dr Frank

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