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Friendship with Khmer Rouge shows otherwise

Jun 21. 2019
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Re: “Thai people fear communism for a very good reason”, Have Your Say, June 21.

The letter on the horrors of communist Khmer Rouge only 200km from Bangkok deviates quite dramatically from many good articles discussing the Thai military’s relationship with this group. One independent Thai researcher said: “Soon after Thailand offered the Khmer Rouge regime recognition, contacts between the two sides began. Full diplomatic ties between the two countries were established following Cambodian deputy premier and foreign minister Ieng Sary’s five-day visit to Thailand in late October 1975.” 

On the fall of Khmer Rouge in early 1989, this was quoted as the Thai position: “The Kriangsak [Chomanan] government still recognises the Pol Pot regime as the sole and legitimate government of Cambodia. 

“Thai authorities assure Khmer Rouge leaders that they were welcome to pass through Thailand to any destination they wish.”

Perhaps someone’s memory is not all it could be.


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