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Korean cities get Rolls-Royce tailoring

Rolls-Royce has unveiled a “Bespoke Collection for Korea” – two tailor-made cars – at the British Embassy in Seoul to commemorate more than a decade of “cordial ties” with South Korea.

The carmaker said in a press release that its first bespoke collection in the country “embraces the aesthetic heritage of South Korea with a contemporary flair, true to the sophistication and dynamism of the country’s largest cities of Seoul and Busan, from which the cars take their inspiration”.
A Rolls-Royce Ghost business sedan is meant to symbolise Seoul and a Grand Tourer Rolls-Royce Wraith the southeastern coastal city of Busan and its “leisure-orientated lifestyle”. 
Seoul has had a Rolls-Royce dealership since 2004 and a second showroom opened in Busan last September.
Rolls-Royce said both cars are one-off models built at its factory in Goodwood, England, and “crafted through an immersive commissioning process that Korean customers can enjoy at the recently opened Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Studio in Incheon”.
“With this pair of bespoke cars, we have created individual, personal spaces that embody the vibrant cities they inhabit, demonstrating the possibilities that the world's most celebrated luxury house affords,” said design director Giles Taylor. 
“Our team relished the opportunity to explore Korean aesthetics, and the result is a union of intricate detailing with clean, elegant colour schemes. Like a fine suit, some of the most pleasing bespoke touches in a Rolls-Royce are hidden to anyone but the owner, or may reveal themselves only by chance to the passer-by. 
“Like the colourful lining of a jacket fleetingly exposed by a gust of breeze, as these cars momentarily come to a stop in the city, the lucky bystander can look forward to a glimpse of the hidden depths of the unique design.”

Published : May 17, 2017

By : The Nation