Fri, December 03, 2021


Card issuers must be responsible for ‘inexplicable’ deduction, says central bank

The Bank of Thailand and Thai Bankers’ Association issued a joint statement on Sunday clarifying the incident where many credit and debit cardholders found an inexplicable deduction from their account.

“Initial investigation shows that these transactions were to pay for products and services of businesses registered overseas,” the statement said. “These transactions were not caused by the leakage of private information from banks, nor by scammers siphoning money from users’ accounts as some people have feared.

“To verify these transactions, immediately contact call centres or branches of financial institutions that have issued the cards. All financial institutions have been instructed to resolve this issue promptly and return the money to cardholders in case the transaction was not initiated by them,” the statement said.

“The Bank of Thailand and Thai Bankers' Association’s top priority is to ensure all financial transactions are secure, and customers’ personal information is protected. If any irregularity is found, banks should contact their customers immediately and take responsibility for any mistakes made,” it added.

Card issuers must be responsible for ‘inexplicable’ deduction, says central bank

Published : October 18, 2021