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Corrections Department sacks 14 wayward officials

In a bid to keep the Corrections Department “clean, corruption-free and equal”, 14 officials found guilty of various wrongdoings were dismissed this week.

None have been publicly named.
They’d been caught collecting “protection money” from inmates, abandoning their duties for more than 15 days and being involving in phones being smuggled into prison.
Thirteen of the officials were sacked without pensions or other benefits. The other, who committed a less serious offence, was allowed to keep his pension.
The dismissal order came from the Corrections Department’s civil service committee after a meeting on Wednesday in Nonthaburi.
Director-general Pol Colonel Narat Sawettnan, who chaired the meeting, said the agency must maintain its “3 S” policy – sa-art, sujarit, samerpak – meaning “clean, corruption-free and equal”.
In abusing their authority, the 14 officials were guilty of breaching the civil service ethics code, he said, and must be punished to deter others from doing the same and to enhance the agency’s reputation and maintain public confidence.

Published : December 01, 2017

By : The Nation