Tue, November 30, 2021


2.4 million more people to be eligible for RaoChana cash-handout scheme

The Cabinet on Tuesday agreed to allow another 2.4 million people to register for the government’s cash-handout “RaoChana” (We Win) scheme and agreed to give beneficiaries until June 30 to use up their subsidy, a source said.

The proposal had been put forward by the Fiscal Policy Office in a bid to help alleviate the financial burden on a wider group of people.

Under the RaoChana scheme, each registrant is given Bt3,500 for two consecutive months. However, the subsidy does not apply to members of the Social Security System, government or state enterprise employees or those who have more than Bt500,000 in their savings bank account.

With the additional 2.4 million registrants, the number of beneficiaries of the scheme will rise to 33.5 million people and the estimated budget will expand from Bt210.2 billion to Bt213.24 billion.

Published : April 20, 2021