Thu, October 21, 2021


Public Health Ministry bemoans rising mounds of infectious waste

The country’s waste disposal sites are groaning under 1,500 tonnes of infectious waste, which is likely to grow significantly given the rising number of Covid-19 patients, Deputy Public Health Minister Satit Pitutecha said on Thursday.

He added that though Thailand’s five waste disposal sites are working on the 1,500 tonnes of infectious waste collected since August 20, more disposal sites are required to deal with the garbage.

“The Public Health Ministry has announced the need for more disposal channels. The new channels should be able to incinerate infectious waste at more than 700 degrees Celsius and should be able to create temperatures high enough to destroy the resulting pollution. Workers will also have to be provided with proper protection gear to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“Industrial waste disposal plants and community power plants can lend a hand,” Satit said.

Published : September 17, 2021