Tue, November 30, 2021


BMA urges care in disposal of infectious wastes

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) on Sunday asked citizens to dispose of infectious wastes properly.

BMA deputy permanent secretary Chatri Wattanakhejorn said amid the Covid-19 situation, Bangkok generated 11,393 tonnes of infectious wastes, or 63 tonnes per day, between January and June this year.

"Of the total, 8,299 tonnes, or 46 tonnes per day, came from hospitals, public health service centres and clinics, while 3,094 tonnes, or 17 tonnes per day, came from quarantine facilities, field hospitals, hospitels, mobile testing units, vaccination centres and residents," he explained.

BMA urges care in disposal of infectious wastes

He said the BMA has asked Bangkokians to put infectious wastes into a two-layer plastic bag, pour disinfectants on the wastes, tie the bag tightly and drop it separately, so garbage collectors can take and burn it properly at garbage disposal plants in Onnut and Nong Khaem.

"Regarding used face masks, people should put them into a plastic bag, tie the bag tightly, place a label or write "face masks" on the bag and drop it into orange bins," he said.

"About 1,000 bins were placed across Bangkok, such as district offices, health service centres, hospitals, city halls, schools, sport centres, youth centres, fire stations, public parks, markets and in front of shopping malls.”


BMA urges care in disposal of infectious wastes

He added that the BMA has instructed garbage collectors to wear personal protective equipment to ensure their safety while performing duties.

Published : July 04, 2021

By : The Nation