Over 4,600 people paid compensation for vaccine side-effects: NHSO


The National Health Security Office (NHSO) has delivered preliminary assistance of more than 230 million baht to 3,626 people who suffered adverse symptoms after the Covid-19 vaccination.

NHSO secretary-general Jaded Thammathatare said on Monday that from May 19 to September 27, 4,065 people had applied for preliminary aid after adverse reactions from the Covid-19 vaccination, while another 287 applications are pending. The district subcommittee has considered 3,626 compensation payments, and 1,152 rejections as they did not meet the criteria. The total amount that has already been paid as initial compensation is 230,798,800 baht.

The criteria for consideration of preliminary compensation are divided into three levels, according to the severity of the adverse reaction.

  1. Payment not exceeding 100,000 baht to those who have an illness that requires continuous treatment; 3,121 people have received compensation.
  2. Payment not exceeding 240,000 baht to those with damage, dismemberment or disability that affects living; 41 people have received compensation.
  3. Payment not more than 400,000 baht in the event of death or permanent disability; 464 relatives of the deceased have received initial assistance.

“However, the principle of preliminary compensation payment by the NHSO does not clearly indicate that it is the effect from the vaccination in any way. It is a remedy to reduce the impact on people, when an adverse reaction occurs. The NHSO does not seek a refund even it can be proved later that the symptoms were not caused by the vaccination.

In the event that the applicant does not agree with the result of the compensation evaluation, an appeal can be made to the secretary-general of the NHSO within 30 days after the result notification,” Jaded added.