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Don’t let Premchai abscond

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Re: More charges in store as Premchai flies to Bangladesh, The Nation, March 10



Italian-Thai Development CEO Premchai Karnastua, caught red-handed in a forest reserve with the pelt of a protected black leopard, its tail in a pot, and hunting rifles at hand, faces significant jail time if convicted. His bail bond of Bt150,000 is even less than petty cash for him, and will not hinder him in the least if he absconds.
Posting of a bail is a significant privilege, not a right, and must be big enough so the defendant will not flee. Thus, if he is to stay out of jail until the court delivers its verdict, his bail should be boosted several-fold. Recalling that Bt30 million wasn’t enough to keep Yingluck around, Premchai’s bond should be more than hers, say, Bt50 million. 
Alternatively, he could post his entire ITD holdings as surety, whichever is higher. If, of course, that’s too much for him to pay, he should be treated like any other defendant who cannot post bond, and be jailed.
Burin Kantabutra
This could very well be a watershed case for Thailand, where the government, its judiciary and law enforcement departments will be put to the test to see if the laws in this country are equal for all or not, and the poor couple who went foraging for mushrooms in a national reserve and got lengthy prison time will stand here also with this man.  
Bangladesh? Surely he can afford Dubai. 
Bangladesh “observing nature” expedition? 
... and one more rich Thai fugitive... 
I can only assume this is the signal for him to leave and not return. Will he develop a sore throat and have to stay for medical treatment?   

Published : March 11, 2018