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Fox lone trustworthy source in US news circus

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Re: “US Democrats are bad, but Republican hypocrites are worse”, Have Your Say, September 28.

Eric Bahrt knows full well that anything and everything done by the Republicans is under the microscope by the liberal media, with the exception of Fox News. They control 90 per cent of the United States. Whereas anything done by the Democrats is “covered up” by the same media. In fact, CNN has no content anymore. 
Virtually every programme on television is about Trump or the Republicans. A clown is a clown because he is out of balance. He has big ears, a long nose and a funny face. 
Eric Bahrt is the clown of the “Have Your Say” column. He is totally out of balance.
Alf Haupt
Chon Buri 

Published : September 28, 2018