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Should I peel fruit before eating during the pandemic?

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Many people worry the coronavirus can contaminate fruit and believe only peeled fruits are safe to eat.

In fact, as a type of animal virus, novel coronavirus is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets and close contact. It is unlikely to survive on fruit or vegetables. There have been no reports of humans being infected after eating fruits or vegetables.

Washing fruits with running water for 15 to 30 seconds can effectively reduce pesticide residue, bacteria and virus potentially present on the surface.

There are many kinds of fruits whose skins are rich in nutrition. Grape skins, for example, contain resveratrol and anthocyanins that can protect blood vessels and strengthen immunity. Apple skin is an excellent source of dietary fiber and promotes digestion. The vitamin C it contains is a great antioxidant, which helps reduce the effects of aging.

Therefore, it is both safe and beneficial to eat fruit with the skin on.

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Published : March 22, 2020

By : China Daily