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TUESDAY, December 06, 2022
Embassies should also be held accountable

Embassies should also be held accountable

SATURDAY, February 17, 2018

Re: “Long-term tourists not catered for in Thailand”, by Jean Pierre Viau, January 25.

I can vouch for what the above stated. I too have sent multiple messages to a Thai embassy, which have not been replied to. And I have sent these messages both before and after the above letter was published. 
The Thai embassy in question is in Korea. I wrote to them and told them that no good reason had been given for denying me a visa when I visited there the previous month. Further, I asked them why I had to pay for a tourist visa last April, when they were being offered for free during the January to August period (no answer has yet been given).  While I was understanding the previous time this happened, I told the embassy I now had no choice but to complain.  
However, I should not really be surprised. When I was getting a new passport a few years back, all my queries to my home country’s embassy in Thailand also went unanswered; so frustrated did I become with the whole process, that I decided to get a new passport elsewhere. As an aside, it should be noted that the Thai embassy only contacted me when they found out that I was getting my passport in a neighbouring country.
Khon Kaen