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Deflating news for proud meat-eaters

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Re: “Vegans or no vegans, animals will be off every menu soon”, Have Your Say, January 10. 



It is obvious from Somsak Pola’s other letters that he has guilty feelings about eating meat. But because he’s not big enough to live by his convictions, he makes himself feel better by writing vicious lies about vegans.
First of all, people are vegans for different reasons. Some people are vegans strictly out of concern for their health.
Second, no vegan has ever said we should do medical research on humans. But research on animals is not only immoral but is terrible science because of “species variation”. For example, about 90 per cent of drugs which test safely on animals fail in the human trials.
Third, Somsak appears to be unaware that just as cholesterol-clogged arteries can block the flow of blood to the heart and cause a heart attack, they can also block the flow of blood to the penis and cause impotence. 
Also such problems as obesity and diabetes, which are far more common among meat-eater than vegetarians, frequently cause impotence.
Fourth, far more violence has been committed against animal rights activists than by them.
Eric Bahrt
Chiang Mai

Published : January 10, 2019