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Happy feet with Geox

Apr 25. 2019
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Thanks to Geox’s technological innovations for footwear, the 2019 spring and summer season collection once again revolutionises the concept of breathability and aeration, bringing a new way of living and walking no matter the time of day.

For men, the adaptable, everyday-use Aerantis is a new simple, elegant walking shoe that has curved lines and tonal colour matching. Inside, it conceals an air circulation system, built from a sophisticated mix of technologies. Thanks to circular, geometrical elements of varying sizes, the sole provides excellent support and boosts the breathability of the Net Breathing System and the new Ventilation System, an EVA midsole, which helps air to circulate, while the upper ensures all-round breathability, thanks to a lining with air pockets and a new soft touch covering that helps heat to dissipate. 


The star feature of the new Nexside model is the Side Transpiration System, a technology developed to ensure superior breathability through holes in the sides of the sole. Between the midsole and the tread are agrooves that increase shock absorption and form chambers of air that are connected to the outside through holes on the edge of the tread. What’s more, Nexside not only features the Inner Breathing System, but also the Ventilation Arch, a breathable mesh insert placed in the shoe over the arch.


For women, feisty forms, deft details, uncommon combinations and original takes on old classics and sketch the contours of a strong sense of femininity in a collection that looks eagerly to modern trends yet stays loyal to those features of breathability, impermeability and absolute comfort. 

Loafers and sports shoes are a harbinger of one of the main themes of the season – strikingly sturdy soles that in these pieces of footwear bring to the fore the contrast between dazzling white and the soft camel shade of the suede leather, embellished with folksy fringes.

This mishmash of influences has been accented with small studs and golden pythonprint details. Studs crop up again in degrade detailing to claim their rightful place as a focal decorative element and means to emphasise the design of leather sandals featuring a squared heel. These sandals are elevated with a refined pale beige palette or come in black, tan or darkbrown, in a flat version or boasting oversized buckles whose masculinelooking silhouette is counterpointed by a wedge.


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