Tue, October 26, 2021


BMA to conduct saliva tests in high-risk areas, issue regulations for pet cafés

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will employ a sentinel surveillance approach to aggressively test for Covid-19 in high-risk areas, and has issued additional regulations for pet cafés to ensure safety of users and staff.

“BMA will perform saliva tests in high-risk areas on at least 400 people per day until the end of June,” said Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang on Friday (May 22). “The Ministry of Public Health has provided us with 15,000 test kits for this programme. Under the sentinel surveillance approach, staff from BMA health offices will also randomly inspect business venues and provide suggestions in case they do not comply with proper health standards.”
The governor added that the BMA board meeting agreed to issue additional regulations for pet cafés in Bangkok areas to maintain sanitation standards and ensure the safety of customers and staff from Covid-19 and other germs.
“Pet cafés must distinctively separate the dining area and petting area, whereas hand washing station must be installed before entering the petting area,” said Aswin. “Customers must take off their shoes, wear face mask or face shield as well as a gown at all times while they pet the animals, while the establishment must close for cleaning and ventilation every two hours.”
Social distancing measures must also be maintained in pet cafés, whereas customers are advised to lower their voice in the petting area to limit the generation of saliva droplets.
“Sick animals must be immediately separated from the others. All animals should be properly cleaned or bathed with proper cleaning products at least once a day,” added the governor. “Feeding of animals by customers is also prohibited.”

Published : May 23, 2020