Infection is as good as vaccine against Covid-19: virologist


Thailand’s top virologist believes an infection offers as much immunity against Covid-19 as vaccines do.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Dr Yong Poovorawan said more people in Thailand are building immunity against the virus via infection, judging by the drop in Covid-19 vaccines administered daily.

However, he advised people to get at least two shots and a booster jab to protect themselves from severe symptoms.

Dr Yong said that if a person picks up a Covid-19 infection after getting three jabs, they will have enough immunity to fight it off with little or no symptoms.

The virologist believes more than 50% of the Thai population has been vaccinated and this number should rise to 70% soon.

He also warned people at risk, namely people who are 60 and above, those with chronic disease, pregnant women and those weighing more than 90 kilos should get vaccinated or they may suffer severe symptoms.

Yong advised the authorities to study the population’s overall vaccination status and plan the dispensation of boosters next year.

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