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SUNDAY, December 10, 2023

Srettha highlights urgent economic measures in his govt’s policy statement

Srettha highlights urgent economic measures in his govt’s policy statement
MONDAY, September 11, 2023

Both Houses of Parliament convened on Monday morning at 9.30am to hear the new government’s policy statement.

The meeting was overseen by Parliament President Muhamad Wan Noor Matha.

At 9.40am, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin presented the government’s policy to Parliament after printed copies of the statement were distributed among lawmakers.

In his presentation, Srettha emphasised the need to address the economic crisis, stimulate spending, expand investment and digitalise the economy.

Srettha also highlighted urgent measures such as short-term stimulus and long-term capacity-building of the workforce to address the country’s ongoing challenges like sluggish growth, depressed exports and high household debts.

The government’s policy for economic recovery includes:

• Debt relief by addressing agricultural, business and personal debt

• Reducing energy costs and reforming the country’s energy consumption structure

• Generating tourism revenue

• Amending the Constitution to promote democracy, citizen participation and the rule of law.

The premier also discussed measures for creating opportunities, improving quality of life and increasing the income of the Thai public. These measures include economic diplomacy, digital technology development, public-private partnerships and investment in infrastructure.

As for the military, the government plans to transition to a voluntary military service system, improve military training, reduce the number of high-ranking military officers, and align military strength with current and future roles.

As for social policies, the government will combat the scourge of drugs and promote medical and health-related cannabis use, improve healthcare, and create a fair and equitable society. It will also address environmental issues, such as PM2.5 air pollution.

In his presentation, Srettha also emphasised a commitment to honest and transparent governance, efficient financial management and better tax collection. He assured Parliament and the Thai people that the government will govern with integrity and will prioritise the nation’s and the public’s general interests.