EC takes another step towards general election with approval of 400 constituencies


The Election Commission (EC) has approved 400 electoral constituencies nationwide, which marks another crucial step towards holding the general election this year.

The EC Office said that the watchdog had approved the 400 constituencies for the election of 400 MPs during a meeting on Monday.

The office will next send the list to the Cabinet Secretariat to be published in the Royal Gazette, after which the office can make further preparations to hold the election. The office had earlier announced May 7 as the tentative election date if the current House completes its four-year term on March 22.

The office said the drawing up of the new constituencies was based on the population statistics provided by the Provincial Administration Department at the end of December.

As of December 31, Thailand’s population was 66,090,475, and the drawing up of constituencies was based on the formula of one MP for 164,226 Thais.

The new MPs election act increased the number of constituencies from 350 to 400.

Major provinces on the new constituencies list include:

- Bangkok, 33 MPs

- Nakhon Ratchasima, 16 MPs

- Khon Kaen, 11 MPs

- Chiang Mai, 11 MPs

- Ubon Ratchathani, 11 MPs

- Chonburi, 10 MPs

- Buri Ram, 10 MPs

- Nakhon Si Thammarat, 9 MPs

- Si Sa Ket, 9 MPs

- Songkhla, 9 MPs

- Udon Thani, 9 MPs