Fixzy adds car repairs to range of home services


FIXZY PLANS to expand its business base in both the home and international markets, and has announced a new service for car repairs at people’s homes.

Overall, it aims to extend its coverage for a range of services to more than 60,000 households in Bangkok by next year.
 Ruchvuth Pichayapan, chief executive officer of Fixzy, said that the firm provides a mobile application that enables matching between technicians and users who need repair and maintenance services.
The application will generate a list of technicians from which customers can make a selection for their particular requirements.
The company provides technician services covering repairs to household water systems, lighting, structural issues, home maintenance services, air-conditioner cleaning and household cleaning services. 
“The Fixzy application is the first mobile application in Thailand to match between technicians and users,” Ruchvuth said. “Customers gain more convenience, with reliability and a high standard of services.
“Three years ago we focused on providing on-demand solutions for home-related problems and this year we have a training centre that guarantees a technician's quality. User can choose a technician from approval badges (Fixzy recommend, ID card verified, police checked, home care insurance), rating review and other details about the technician.”
He said that the firm has more than 4,500 technician teams available to support customers via its application. The firm provides technician services in Bangkok and its outskirts.
It has joined with partners to test the provision of services in Melbourne, Australia. It plans to provide technician services in provinces such as Phuket, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, and Chon Buri next year. It will officially announce the services in Melbourne next year.
The firm has worked with partners to provide new car repair services. It also will use the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Big Data to analyse its customers’ needs in order to continue providing better services.
The company has had 150,000 downloads of the app and expects to reach 500,000 downloads next year. It has around 70,000 active users and offers around 100 services a day via the application.