Sat, October 23, 2021


DSI joins hunt for influential people behind plunder of birds nests

The director of the Special Case Operations Center, Area 9, of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), Pol Colonel Pipop Marohabout, visited the office of Siam Nest Company, and then walked to Niang Khoi Cave on Koh Thepada in Phatthalung province over damage to birds nests and their environmental impact.

Siam Nest Co, the winner of the auction of the 9th bird's nest concession in Phatthalung province at a price of 400 million baht, lodged the complaint after collecting bird's nests from various caves during September 9-16.

A group of criminals reportedly looted the bird's nests, cleaned the area and started a fire to chase away the birds, damaging the ecosystem. The person behind this crime is believed to be a former local politician.

DSI joins hunt for influential people behind plunder of birds nests

Employees of Siam Nest Company told the investigators that the collection of bird nests from 107 caves in seven islands was completed on the evening of September 17. In the last cave, the remains of a dead baby bird were found on the ground. The company could only collect 60 grams of bird's nests, while in front of the cave they found a bonfire and trash such as water bottles, energy drink bottles, and white shoes.

Initial investigation showed that at least 1.5 million young bird's nests were destroyed and the damage was estimated at not less than a billion baht.

Published : September 19, 2021