TUESDAY, April 16, 2024

Nation on Covid level 4 alert amid sharp rise in infections

Nation on Covid level 4 alert amid sharp rise in infections

The government is predicting infection levels to remain high for 1-2 weeks as a result of social gatherings, Dr. Thongchai Keeratihatthayakon, deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Public Health, said, as a level 4 Covid-19 alert was sounded nationwide.

During a level 4 threat, virus prevention measures are tightened. As per government diktat, people are expected to:

– Refrain from entering risky places

– Refrain from eating together and drinking alcohol in the shop

– Avoid shopping in places with a large number of people, such as markets, malls

– Avoid being close to others outside the home.

– Refrain from participating in activities according to health ministry criteria

– Arrange 50 - 80 per cent of total workers to work from home

– Delay inter-provincial travel. If necessary, using a private car is highly recommended.

– Avoid going abroad

– If entering the country, you must stay in a quarantine facility.​

Covid-19 in Thailand is on the rise in all age groups, especially in the working group and students, said Dr. Chakrarat Pittayawong-anon, director of the division of epidemiology, Department of Disease Control.

More than 800 cases of severe Covid-19 incubation or pneumonia have been detected in the past two weeks, Dr Chakrarat stressed with concern.

In 53 per cent of patients found with the Omicron strain, no symptoms were found, while 47 per cent had symptoms, mainly sore throat, cough, and low fever.

Meanwhile, the global Covid-19 epidemic strain is the Omicron BA.2 strain, spreads more than 1.4 times faster than the BA.1 strain.​

More than 50 per cent of the cases in Thailand are BA.2 Omicron.

Prime Minister and Minister of Defence General Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered the military to prepare field hospitals to deal with the situation and provide support at the local level, coordinating with the Ministry of Public Health.

Defence Ministry spokesman General Kongcheep Tantravanich said Army field hospitals have been set up across the country, providing 7,000 beds, and some field hospitals in the Army section are still in operation.