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Sa Kaew suspect identifies mastermind of Bangkok blasts

Sep 07. 2015
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A bomb suspect who was arrested in Sa Kaew has told investigators that the mastermind of the Bangkok bomb attacks left the kingdom one day before the Erawan Shrine blast.
Yusufu Mieraili, who was arrested at a Sa Kaew border, identified the mastermind only as Izaan.
Mieraili said Izaan commanded the operation by using WhatsApp chatting application.
According to a source, Mierali testified that Izaan left Thailand via Suvarnabhumi International Airport on August 16 to China and then headed to Bangladesh.
Izaan commanded Mieraili, Adem Karadag, who was arrested at a Nong Chok apartment, a man in blue shirt who dropped a bomb at the Sathorn pier, the man in yellow shirt who left the bomb at the shrine, and an unidentified foreigner who lived at a room at a Minburi apartment where bomb making materials were found, Mieraili testified.
Mieraili said Izaan told him to buy bomb-making chemicals via Internet to make bombs. He reported to Izaan after the bombs were mad.
He was then ordered to carry a backpack with a bomb to leave it under a bench on a bank of Phadung Krungkasem Canal near Hua Lampong Railway station. Mieraili said the man in yellow shirt came to switch his backpack with the one with the bomb. He said he did not meet the man in yellow in person.
Meiraili said the mastermind also instructed him to take a video clip of the bomb attack but he dared not do it for fear of being arrested.
Meiraili was handed over by Army officers to the Metropolitan Police Monday afternoon.

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