RTB launches three headphone sets


RTB Technology is collaborating with headphones retailers Munkong Gadget, Classik and Mercular to launch the latest Audiophile headphones from Audio-Technica – the AP2000Ti, CK2000Ti and CM2000Ti.

The ATH-AP2000Ti are high-end over-ear headphones designed to reproduce hi-res quality of sound details with large 53 mm drivers made from DLC coated diaphragms and with a Permendur magnetic circuit creating high magnetic force. The headphones are durable and deliver naturally clear sound in all ranges.The Core Mouth Technology helps optimise airflow and the earpads and headband are covered with lambskin for maximum comfort. 
The ATH-CK2000Ti are premium in-ear headphones delivering clear and realistic sound quality. The titanium constructed body ensures strength and durability while the headphones boast dual dynamic drivers of 9.8 mm and 8.8 mm using DLC coating diaphragms and a Permendur magnetic circuit creating high magnetic force enabling sound reproduction of 5Hz – 45,000Hz range with crisp and robust bass.
The ATH-CM2000Ti comes with earbud headphones specially designed to suit high quality music lovers. Compact, lightweight, and durable the phones come with 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm cable jacks.