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TUESDAY, December 06, 2022
Samsung bids to remain digital appliances leader

Samsung bids to remain digital appliances leader

MONDAY, January 09, 2017

SAMSUNG has announced its strategy to tap further into the Thai digital appliances market this year.

It says the strategy is designed to respond to four mega-trends: urbanisation, digital disruption, women’s power, and healthy lifestyles. 
Wanna Swuddigul, vice president and chief marketing officer of Thai Samsung Electronics Co, said: “In 2017, we [will see] four mega-trends materialising in Thailand. The first is urbanisation, with more people from rural zones migrating to towns. 
“Second is digital disruption and ‘Shopper 4.0’, which is spurred by digital-media consumption. Latest statistics show consumers now spend 4.2 hours a day online. People spend more time on digital media than on any other type of media in all periods of the day. TV comes next, receiving about 2.6 hours a day from consumers in general. 
“Women’s power refers to the fact that new-generation women have both decision-making power and purchasing power. A 2015 survey showed that 33.6 per cent of Thai women were responsible for running and deciding for their household. When compared with 2010, their disposable income had soared by 13.7 per cent. So it is clear that women now have a big role in driving the market. 
“Fourth, healthy lifestyles have become a growing trend. Thai people now pay more attention to their food and exercise. As a result, people’s life spans are longer. It is predicted that elderly people will account for 18 per cent of the Thai population by 2018, while children will account for just 17 per cent. By 2022, Thailand will become the third greying society in Asia. The two others are Japan and Singapore.”
Samsung says it has innovated and adjusted its strategy in response to these trends. 
On products, it says it has striven to ensure that its innovations are easy and convenient to use. Samsung says its products are useful to working people, women and health-conscious consumers alike. 
“On communications, we have prepared an integrated campaign with a growing emphasis on digital media,” Wanna said. “We plan to communicate more with consumers via Google, Facebook and Line so that they know more about our products.” 
Samsung says its products have been developed based on the voice of consumers. Among the highlighted products are Samsung Wind-Free, a line of inverter air-conditioners that offer comfortable indirect cooling; Powerbot VR9300, a robot vacuum cleaner that promises high suction power and a Wi-Fi feature; Samsung AddWash, a washing machine that can also serve as a dryer; and the new Twin Cooling Plus refrigerators, which are available in various designs. 
In all, Samsung will launch 83 new products this year, embraces online shopping and implement an integrated marketing campaign in pursuit of its goal to remain a top digital-appliances company.
In addition, iBeacon will alert consumers about Samsung updates, promotions and privileges as soon as they walk past a Samsung outlet. The company says it will seriously study channels that consumers have used to search product information. 
The company has decided to adjust its communication style as well. Technical terms will be replaced by easy-to-understand words. This is designed to help Samsung reach out to consumers more efficiently, particularly women and the elderly.