BCPG invests more than THB5 billion in natural gas business in US


Niwat Adirek, President and CEO of BCPG, disclosed that on August 4 the Company invested USD145 million or approximately THB5 billion to gain a 40% interest or 280 MW in the 700-MW natural gas power plant, Carroll County Energy, in Ohio, United States.

"The investment in Carroll County Energy LLC is a good opportunity to gain stable revenue. The power plant serves the energy needs of the PJM, the largest regional transmission organization (RTO), coordinating the movement of wholesale electricity in 13 states in the US.

And with efficient power generation and low fuel consumption, the power plant is more competitive in terms of energy price in the market. According to investment proportion, BCPG gains more production capacity in the Carroll County Energy LLC from 61 MW to 341 MW", said Niwat. 


BCPG invests in four US natural gas power plants: Carroll County Energy LLC and South Field Energy LLC in Ohio, Hamilton Liberty LLC and Hamilton Patriot LLC in Pennsylvania, with a total production capacity of 857 MW.

Currently, the Company's total production capacity from green power plants reaches 2,024 MW.