SUNDAY, February 25, 2024

88 Sandbox shakes up Thai start-up industry by launching a special investors’ club

88 Sandbox shakes up Thai start-up industry by launching a special investors’ club

88 Sandbox hosted its second “88 Match and Mentor: Smart People Smart Society” event to promote Thai start-ups on September 17 at Thammasat University.

The aim of the event was to provide motivation and emphasise the importance of human development through innovation and technology.

Driven by the idea of a society that has developed the wisdom of start-ups, 88 Sandbox also launched the 88 Sandbox VC Club and the 88 NFT membership for people interested in investing in start-ups. The Token X portal showcased Thai start-up Series A+, which ended with a “finding stars” activity called the 88 Sandbox Final Pitching, in which start-ups put forward ideas in front of mentors and potential investors.

The event opened with a speech from Assoc Prof Dr Pipob Udorn, vice president for Thammasat University’s academic affairs as well as a co-founder of 88 Sandbox.

Also speaking at the event were Nithee Siprae, deputy governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and Jittinan Chatisiharat, chief executive officer of Token X.

As part of the “Club for Investors”, 88 Sandbox will serve as an intermediary between investors and start-ups. The company will help facilitate funding for start-up teams that investors see potential in. There will be no minimum investment or any limit to the support wanted by start-ups.

The 88 Sandbox will also hold workshops for investors to get advice and learn more about the start-up they may be eyeing.

The Token X platform, meanwhile, is collaborating with 88 Sandbox to launch 88 NFT via the Collex platform, through which it handed out tokens as souvenirs for those who attended the event.

The event also saw Thai start-ups scaling up to become unicorns, who were presented with the 88 Rising Unicorns award.

Also featured at the event was a competition between young start-ups, especially in the arenas of EdTech, marketing, media, entertainment, metaverse, gaming, commerce, lifestyle, smart city, proptech, etc.

Each team pitched their ideas in front of 88 Sandbox founders, mentors and investors, and the winners of the competition won a commitment for capital.