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Fuji Xerox launches new A3/A4 monochrome printer series to improve productivity

Jun 30. 2019
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Fuji Xerox Thailand Co.,Ltd announces the new monochrome printers – DocuPrint 4405 d, 3505 d, 3205 d A3 series (hereinafter referred to as DocuPrint 4405 series) and DocuPrint M375 z/df, P375 dw/d A4 series (hereinafter referred to as DocuPrint 375 series).

These series aim to help small and medium-sized businesses improve productivity with the reliability and convenience of a securely shared and environmentally friendly printing workplace, Fuji Xerox said in a press statement.      


Both DocuPrint 4405 and DocuPrint 375 series are standard-equipped with automatic duplex printing and have two-way printing output with front and optional back output trays. Using the optional back output tray ensures a straight paper path – enabling stable printing on special paper stock such as heavier papers or envelopes. The printers can handle various types of paper with diverse thickness and weights, including regular or recycled paper as light as 60 grams per square meter (g/m2) to heavier paper weighing up to 200 g/m2 and 220 g/m2.

The DocuPrint 375 series has the Secure Function Lock feature that allows administrators control over who accesses and uses the various functions of the machine such as copy, scan or fax. For example, page limits can be set to help administrators manage costs.

DocuPrint 4405 d and 3505 d are durable enough to withstand an output of 1.8 million pages and the DocuPrint M375 z offers single pass duplex scanning to multiple destinations.


In response to increasingly complex and compounding security threats, Fuji Xerox has strengthened its printers’ network communication security. DocuPrint 4405 series can be connected to two separate networks – enabling secure communication within the workplace. This series is the first Fuji Xerox printer series that is compatible with the Authentication Adapter with Touch Panel – a 4.3-inch touch panel with a server-free authentication adaptor which allows print authentication using IC cards, thereby preventing information leakage.


Users can print documents stored on mobile devices using Fuji Xerox Print Utility, Mopria® Print Service, Apple Airprint©*4 and documents stored in cloud with Google Cloud Print©. The DocuPrint 375 series has a Carbon Copy mode which offers the convenience to print the same document onto different media types in a single print job. Users can save up to 48 of their preferred settings as Shortcuts to reduce time and boost productivity.

Environmentally friendly

DocuPrint 4405 d and 3205 d offer the lowest typical energy consumption in their class. The DocuPrint 4405 series also includes a Super EA-Eco Toner which contains a new polyester resin that effects the viscosity of the toner when changing temperature. This enables the Super EA-Eco Toner to achieve a lower fusing temperature of 10-15 degree Celsius, reducing power consumption by up to 20 percent, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 35 percent*7.

Behind its Smart Work Innovation strategy, Fuji Xerox will continue to provide products that help improve office productivity – focusing on liberating workers from various constraints and enhancing customer operations.

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