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Malaysian police may have two bombers

MALAYSIAN police have sent photos of two men -one suspected of being the yellow-shirt bomber responsible for last month's Erawan Shrine blast that killed 20 people in Bangkok and the other the 'blue-shirt man' who kicked a device into the Chao Phraya R

Thai security agencies would see if the pictures of the two men detained by Malaysia’s Special Branch Police in Kuala Lumpur match the characteristics of the yellow- and blue-shirt men captured on surveillance footage.
Malaysian plainclothes and uniformed police on Saturday searched several apartments and rental rooms believed to be hiding places of the two bombers at the request of Thai police.
A Pakistani and two Malaysians suspected of being part of a human trafficking operation are already undergoing interrogation by Malaysian police in connection with the shrine attack.
Malaysian police said the human trafficking gang gave shelter to the yellow- and blue-shirt bombers at a location two kilometres away from Moo Noh Police Station. 
The two were allegedly taken by boat across the Kolok River near Soi Rong Leuy, where two Malaysian men identified as A-pi and Padeh were waiting on the other side at Bukit Bintang to receive them. 

Malaysian police may have two bombers

Another Malaysian man identified as Serlin allegedly took the two to Kuala Lumpur.
Malaysian Special Branch Police were tipped off by an unidentified group after a man calling himself Abdul (last name withheld) phoned the Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, threatening violence against it.
Thai security officials will show the pictures of the two suspects to Yusufu Mieraili, who was nabbed last month on the Cambodian border after the blast. He admitted meeting the alleged bomber outside Hua Lamphong Train Station and handing him a backpack containing the explosives used in the attack.
Thai police said if Mieraili identifies any of the men as a bomber, police will seek that person’s extradition for prosecution in Thailand.
Assistant National Police chief Lt General Prawut Thawornsiri refused to name the blue-shirt bomber, saying more investigation was needed.
Police would summon the taxi driver who picked up the blue-shirt bomber for questioning, he said.

Published : September 21, 2015

By : The Nation