Feast of Naga fireballs for skygazers


Tourists camping out along the Mekong River in Nong Khai on Thursday night were enthralled by the sight of nearly 800 “Naga Bang Fai” fireballs shot into the sky.

The number seen so far this year was much higher than the 170 fireballs observed in 2016.
Thousands of tourists have travelled to Nong Kai province’s Phon Phisai and Rattanawapi districts to attend the annual event. According to Thai traditional folklore, legendary serpentine creatures living in the Mekong River belch out fireballs to worship Lord Buddha at the end of the Buddhist Lent rain retreat period.
The unofficial count this year is 772 fireballs – with Phon Phisai’s Ban Nong Kung Nua seeing the most – 154 fireballs; followed by Rattanawapi’s Ban Tha Moung (149 fireballs) and the International Buddhist Park (148 fireballs).