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TUESDAY, January 31, 2023
Khon Kaen group petitions Red Bull to build controversial beverage factory

Khon Kaen group petitions Red Bull to build controversial beverage factory

MONDAY, October 09, 2017

A GROUP of Ban Dong residents set up tables yesterday for people to sign objections to a subsidiary of Red Bull Group cancelling plans for a controversial factory and to show support for the company.

The residents were reacting to a declaration by KTD Property Development Co Ltd last week to cancel plans to build and operate a factory in Tambon Ban Dong of Khon Kaen’s Ubolrat district after the approval process for the operation was put under close scrutiny. 
However, Nithi Pengsuk, a representative of the subsidiary of Red Bull Group, said its executive board would stick to its most recent decision to relocate a planned non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing factory elsewhere. However, he said he would pass on the petition for the executive board’s consideration.
Monday’s signature-signing event at the community hall, and a related gathering outside the factory construction site, were arranged by the Tambon Ban Dong Development Group led by Samai Sai-onta.
“People think the factory would bring development to the area and that cancelling the operation would affect the local residents and the economy,” he said, adding that the group had not pressured anyone to sign the petition.
Ubolrat district chief Natthapat Ploysupa warned people not to set up a temporary stage for speeches, as it would breach the National Council for Peace and Order’s ban of gathering in public places while Thailand was still in mourning for HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s death.
He said people should remain peaceful and send representatives to submit the petition to the firm.
Khon Kaen land officials yesterday carried out a survey of a road built by the firm that had sparked a controversy about whether it was blocking a public path although it had reportedly been approved following proper procedures.